Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"I want to get rid of ..." EFT tapping script

This has to be the most common sentence I hear when someone is going through pain/suffering, mental, emotional or physical. When we resist something we give it power and energy. There's always a message in the pain or experience for us, it is up to us to listen ... try this EFT script to help you dissolve the resistance inherent in the feeling "I want to get rid of...". EFT Shortcut diagram

Even though I want to get rid of …, I deeply and completely accept myself
Even though I can’t accept or love myself if I don’t get rid of this …, I choose to accept how I feel about that right now
Even though I’m afraid that I’ll never get rid of this …, somehow I know I can accept that, sort of, somehow

I can’t bear this TH
I don’t like it EB
I want it to go away SE
I hate it UE
I can’t accept myself with this … UN
Get lost UC
I can’t stand … CB
Go away! UA

What If I never get rid of it?! TH
I’m afraid EB
I can’t accept myself SE
Yes I can UE
No I can’t! UN
I want it gone UC
I can’t stand it anymore! CB
It just won’t go UA

Maybe I can accept myself anyway TH
No I can’t EB
Yes I can SE
Are you joking?! UE
Maybe I can see ‘it’ differently UN
What does ‘it’ want to say? UC
I haven’t been listening CB
Maybe I can listen and ask ‘it’ what it wants and needs? UA

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