Wednesday, December 31, 2008


When the student is ready the teacher appears ~ Buddhist proverb

I keep hearing the same messages lately so it must mean I am ready. Ready to release. Ready to surrender. I think it is a positive way to look at things and patterns that may have been hanging around for years. Instead of saying 'here we go again', or seeing it as confirmation that we are 'bad', to instead look at 'it' and say "Okay this is my opportunity to finally let this go".

Letting go. A loaded statement if ever there was one, what does it actually mean? To me it means giving yourself permission to feel your feelings, not judge them and by feeling them, you process them and let them go, naturally, without effort. You do not have to swim upstream against the current and struggle, that is not letting go, that is hanging on. In the word 'trying', struggling is implicit (at least to me). Stop trying, just feel. Things come up for you to let them go, not to put you through the same trauma over and over again. We don't get that though. I think this phenomenon is related to feeling worthless, unsafe or undeserving. We believe that 'bad' things are there to prove to us that we are worthless instead of seeing them as opportunities to finally heal our sense of self. Our sense of being love, being peace, being anything that is good (God).

If you are worried about what words to use with EFT, in the set up statement and in the rounds, just use whatever words that come to you when you are describing what you are going through or feeling. There are no 'right' words, whatever words are in your mind are the 'right' words for you. Exactly the right words. They are your wisdom. Trust them. It is you sending messages to you. It is you helping you. It is you wanting to remind you that you are perfect, whole and complete. And loved.

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Circe said...

Hello, Noreen--

I am so grateful to find your place! This is the first post I came across, and it is in perfect accord with what I needed to find! And odd (though not really) that in all my searching only just recently about the Thymic or High Heart Chakra, which I have been dealing with and striving to understand, that I should return a few days later and find you have written about it here! Blessings and Thanks! And warm wishes to you in Ireland... I've always wanted to go back, and miss my cousins in County Waterford...