Monday, December 01, 2008

EFT clears the way to Love.

Accepting where and who you are right now can be difficult. But honestly it is the only place to start from. If you can love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now you can offer this same gift to others. You will automatically forgive yourself and others (in fact there won't even be a need to, you will just accept everything as it is) and you will realise that nothing that anyone has ever done had anything to do with you but everything to do with them (and how much they accepted and loved themselves) and vice versa. For-giveness is a state of mind and not something we "do".

Use the negative beliefs that come up when you say "I love myself". They are an opportunity to finally clear the way to Love. Gary Craig calls these beliefs tail enders, and you can use these tail enders in your set up statement. It's actually a great way to find core issues!

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