Monday, July 02, 2012

Even though I don't know why

Sometimes we don't know, at least consciously, why we feel the way we do, why we have an issue, why we can't lose weight, why we procrastinate and that's exactly what we tap on, whatever is there.

Even though I don't know why (I can't lose weight, I have this "..."), I accept myself anyway

Top of the head: I don't know why I have this ...
Eyebrow: I could guess
Side of the eye: And my guess would be ...
Under the eye: But maybe I'm wrong
Under the nose: And maybe I'm right
Under the chin: I can acknowledge whatever it is
Collar Bone: Is there
Under the arm: I know because I feel it (I have it etc)

Top of the head: There is some reason I feel this way (have this ..., can't lose this weight etc)
Eyebrow: And I don't know what that is
Side of the eye: Maybe I don't need to consciously know
Under the eye: Because my unconscious knows
Under the nose: And if I acknowledge its presence
Under the chin: And accept its presence
Collar bone: I might find some relief
Under the arm: Instead of having to fight it and the reasons why it is there

Top of the head: Some part of me knows why
Eyebrow: I can acknowledge that
Side of the eye: And that feels ...
Under the eye: I can acknowledge how that feels
Under the nose: I am acknowledging its presence in my life
Under the chin: For whatever reason
Collar bone: And that feels ...
Under the arm: And that's ok

Continue tapping until you find relief and movement, trust what comes up and if you still don't know the reason, or reasons, acknowledge the presence of whatever it is in your life even if you find it difficult to accept. You can always tap on the reasons you find it hard to accept whatever it is.

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