Monday, February 20, 2012

EFT helps me to feel ...

What emotions do you find yourself shying away from? When you feel what is a difficult emotion, try saying when you tap “tapping helps me to feel ...”.

Ask yourself how you know that the emotion you're feeling is fear and not anger for example. What helps you to identify it as fear, what do you feel like when you feel afraid? What do you feel like when you feel angry? jealous? guilty? Keep tapping until you feel the emotion starting to move, leaving you feeling calmer and more able to feel uncomfortable and difficult emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them.

Your tapping might go something like this;

Top of head: Tapping helps me feel this fear
Eyebrow: Even though I don't want to feel it
Side of the eye: Because it's frightening
Under eye: It feels like it could take over
Under the nose: And sometimes it does
Under the chin: And then I panic
Collar bone: And it feels awful
Under the arm: I have to do something to not feel afraid

Top of the head: Because it feels so frightening
Eyebrow: I feel afraid
Side of the eye: I feel afraid
Under the eye: How do I know I feel afraid?
Under the nose: Because I feel it ... (knot in throat, tight stomach, sweating, shallow breathing, tap on how fear shows up for you in your body)
Under the chin: My stomach is in knots
Collar bone: It feels constricting
Under the arm: This fear feels constricting

Top of the head: It feels like it's in control
Eyebrow: And I'm powerless
Side of the eye: It's very hard to do anything but feel afraid sometimes
Under the eye: It's so hard to feel this fear
Under the nose: But I feel it
Under the chin: Otherwise I wouldn't know what fear feels like
Collar bone: I'm afraid of what fully feeling this fear could do to me
Under the arm: So I have to avoid it ...

Or you can keep it really simple and say "EFT helps me to feel fear" as you're tapping on all the points.

If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it ~ Toni Morrison


sharmishtha said...

a golden truth- to ride the wind properly i believe we will have to surrender to it to a large extent.

lots of love.

Noreen Barron, MA said...

It can be tough to do, but worth it :-)