Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back pain

Our need for others has its roots in our earliest experiences and is bound up with our deepest feelings. This may be obvious, and yet a hundred years of otherwise creditable psychological thinking took it for granted that we begin life as individuals, who somehow at some later stage get in relationships with each other ~ Josephine Klein, Our Need for Others and its Roots in Infancy

10 years ago I injured my tail bone while cycling. Ever since then I have had lower back issues and once in 2004 I was in bed for 3 weeks with severe pain and sciatica. I am still healing this injury, which goes far deeper than the physical one I sustained that day on my bike.

Whenever I feel unsupported, or try to push through, my back lets me know. I have this habit or pattern of not listening to myself, not taking my feelings seriously, and being far too concerned with how others feel and taking responsibility for that, it's no wonder I don't feel supported sometimes. So when I'm not listening and paying attention to how I feel, my back lets me know.

The first chakra is all about stability, safety, support, having strong roots and feeling grounded, so it's not surprising that back issues tend to show up in people who have issues in these areas. Try this tapping script for back pain:

Even though I feel unsupported, I accept how I feel (if a memory pops up, tap on that)

Even though my back feels like …(it's going to pop, give way etc), I accept my back and all its messages

Even though all these feelings are stored in my back, I accept them all

Top of the head: I don't feel supported
Eyebrow: I have to do it all alone
Side of eye: And that makes me feel …
Under the eye: Lonely
Under the nose: Weighed down
Under the chin: On shaky ground
Collar Bone: I don't feel safe
Under the arm: I'd like to be looked after for once

Top of the head: This pain
Eyebrow: It feels ...(be as descriptive as you can)
Side of the eye: I feel it when …
Under the eye: And that makes me feel …
Under the nose: I accept how I feel
Under the chin: I choose to take my feelings and experiences seriously
Collar bone: I choose to support myself
Under the arm: That feels …

Top of the head: What's the bigger message here?
Eyebrow: What's stored in my back?
Side of the eye: The mechanical injury isn't healing because …
Under the eye: My feelings need to be taken seriously
Under the nose: I need to take myself seriously
Under the chin: And stop trying to be brave
Collar bone: And trying to do it all alone
Under the arm: I can reach out …

Tap on anything that this script brings up and make sure to customise it to how you feel. Suggested reading:
1. The Body Bears the Burden by Robert Scaer 
2. Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine
3. Your Body Doesn't Lie by John Diamond


trisha said...

sad to know about that accident. the bones if hurt badly keep bothering.

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Trisha xx