Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The many faces fear wears

What does it mean for you to be afraid? How does fear show up in your life? How many times do you stop your self from saying something or doing something because of fear? How many times do you say or do something you do not want to do or say because of fear? How many times do you say Yes, instead of No, because of fear? How many times do you become angry with your self because of your fear? How many times do you deny your self choice because of fear? How sick are you of being afraid all the time?

Sonia Choquette came up with a great statement in a recent book "If I was not afraid, I would ...". Fill in the blank and tap on anything and everything that comes up as a result.

Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself  
~ Samuel Butler


Circe said...

Dear Noreen,

How funny, I was just thinking/wondering about you this morning! Aren't you always just right there with what I need? I was working on something last night that had to do with my friendships, and what I have chosen to show each person-- why that is so limited and so tailored to each person, while rarely ever showing anything close to my integrated self. Well, of course, the reason is simple (though it feels so complex)- FEAR! I don't know how removing the fear would necessarily change the relationships I've chosen, but it may, I would hope, attract people to myself who are somehow more similar to to the whole me... Not sure though... THE FEAR IS THE STATIC! IT'S SO TRUE!

Great post!

I hope you are very well,

xo "Circe"

Noreen said...

Dearest Circe,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it really helps to reassure me that I'm on the "right" road. I'm really glad that the posts help in some way. To know that others feel the same way or are going through the same thing really helps us all :-) I have been away for the last month (in India, hence the last post on clashing with reality and frustration!!) so have not been able to post as often.

I love the synchronicity of life ;-)

Take care
Noreen xxx