Friday, August 14, 2009

Who is your inner child?

How you feel about children and your 'inner child' tells you so much about how you feel about yourself. It is an opportunity for healing if your feelings feel uncomfortable. Do you deny, repress or disown how you feel? Is it safe to express how you feel? Do you feel loved, good enough or accepted just for being you? Healing our sense of self is one of the best gifts we can give to our self and there really is no better place to start than healing whatever hurts our inner child may be holding.

This is an excerpt from an article by Silvia Hartmann, Using EFT from Prebirth to Present:
It is the sad truth that many deep underlying beliefs we now have as adults about how children should be treated have been formed by the way WE were treated. Oh, indeed, we make decisions to "do much better than that" and many of us do when we are dealing with *other* children or our own; however, how we deal with *ourselves* remains often very much just like our caretakers did.
So, we might begin with asking some very basic questions about your feelings regarding "children" in total.

How do you feel about children?
Do you like them?
Do you find them annoying, irritating, attention seeking, limiting to your own endeavours?
Do you like *some kinds of children* better than others? If so, why?
What *kind* of children do you find particularly annoying? What age, type, gender, race, upbringing, looks?
How do you feel about an adult's responsibility for the upbringing of children?
Do you have any particularly strong views about what should or should not be done with, to or by children?

The questions above will begin to make you aware of some emotions and memories regarding children in general [and yourself], including the recoil decision to "not to go there at all" or "not being interested in children", for example. 

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