Friday, February 27, 2009

Your point

If you pay close attention to when you're doing EFT, you'll notice a point where you feel more relief, a favourite point so to speak. This can also change with time as you clear certain issues and then others come to the fore and a different point becomes important. Two of my favourite points are under the nose and sanyinjiao. This point is found on the inner leg about 3 fingers width up from the ankle bone. You can search the web for more information.


Noreen said...
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Circe said...

Wow, I just looked up some of the areas helped by sanyinjiao (?) sp.6, I think... that is a major pain spot (point of congested energy) for me! I love/hate for husband to "help" me with that one... Maybe that makes it "my spot"... though I'd rather have another! ;)

Thank you, Noreen!


ps any idea of a good online viewing source for an indepth comprehensive acupuncture chart?

Noreen said...

Hi Circe,

You're right it is SP6! I know what you mean ... sometimes it's tough to 'face' certain things isn't it?

These sites are excellent and they show exactly where to find SP6 and all the others. I particularly like the compassionate dragon site, it's packed full of great info!!