Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Undigested experiences

We ingest everything, not just food. We ingest experiences, people, emotions, our environment, etcetera. Have you ever had the feeling of the straw that broke the camel's back? It's usually a sign that we are 'full up'. There is no room for any more and we can't take any more! This is because we have not properly digested previous experiences along with their accompanying emotions. The emotions and experiences have frozen in our bodies, for later retrieval and digestion. This overflow effect can lead to dis-ease in the body and mind. We need to learn to feel our feelings at some stage in our lives. We need to give ourselves permission to do that.

When a feeling comes up, pay attention. It is there for a reason. We usually resist the feelings that, in particular, make us feel afraid or even terrified. Usually these feelings are not triggered by a present event but by a past traumatic event in which we reacted, for the very first time, in that way. The way we have been reacting since. It is like a knee jerk reaction. What we sometimes don't realise is that the feeling is coming up for recognition and acknowledgement and not necessarily to put us through the event again. We often need help with this, a friend or a counsellor. EFT is a fantastic help because when you react or have strong uncomfortable emotions, you can just tap, you don't even need to say anything as you are 'tuned in'. The karate chop point is the small intestine meridian, which is where we assimilate all ingested material (including experiences and emotions). The fact that this point corrects psychological reversal is significant. Maybe it also helps us to digest and assimilate what we previously found 'hard to take' or did not believe.

Pay attention to your feelings and emotions, they represent the child in you and all that child wants is love.

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Pat said...

Great article! How well I know about those knee jerk reactions.