Thursday, November 06, 2008

An excellent question to find core issues

In the above article found on, Kathy Atkinson uses the question “What decision about myself or the world would I have made at the time?” to uncover core decisions we have made about ourselves and who we think we are because of events that have been traumatic and painful for us. This question is very useful when used with the personal peace procedure.

When something traumatic happens to us, we not only have to deal with the trauma and hurt and the event itself but usually we also make a decision about who we are as a result. For example a child is hit by a parent and has to deal with the trauma and hurt that that causes. But often that child will also make a decision about him or herself that will 'colour' the way they live their lives and how they view themselves and subsequently how others treat them. For example the child could make the decision as a result of being hit that:

1. I must be bad (why else would I be hit?)
2. I am unlovable
3. I have to be a good girl (so I don't get hit again)
4. It is my fault, I am to blame (and take on too much responsibility in their lives as a result)
5. It is not safe to be me

The child (and later the adult) will live from these decisions as well as having the trauma of the incident that caused them to make these decisions in the first place. Asking this question is invaluable in addition to dealing with painful events, because once these decisions are realised and brought into conscious awareness you can use EFT to dissolve these false ideas of who you are. I believe asking this question will really help to completely collapse and dissolve the emotional charge we have around certain events so we can be free of them.

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