Thursday, October 23, 2008

My ideas on what Psychological Reversal is

Any feeling or emotion that is not Creative, Kind, Loving, Beautiful, Expansive, Abundant and Receptive leads to psychological reversal. Psychological reversal, in energy terms, literally means a reversal of our energy system, so things feel "out of whack" with energy flowing the "wrong" way or becoming stuck and stagnating. As a result we feel depressed, stressed out, angry and generally not happy.

We emanated from Intention. Intention intended us here. If the seven faces of Intention are Creative, Kind, Loving, Beautiful, Expansive, Abundant and Receptive. We are also those seven faces.

What stops us from knowing that we are these seven faces of intention are false beliefs about who we really are. The beliefs don't feel false of course, they feel very true. We think these beliefs are who we are. Beliefs such as: I'm not good enough, I'm a bad person or I'm not lovable and so on. Sometimes this PR is referred to as secondary gain. For example we say we want to give up smoking and after testing, we find we are psychologically reversed. We actually don't want to give up cigarettes. Well maybe we really do want to stop smoking but the real issue could be we are afraid of what 'not smoking' will bring up, all the fears and anxieties that smoking sedates and that we have been avoiding facing. Wayne Dyer has written a book called There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. This is so true, because no matter what our background or what we have been through, the truth remains that we emanated from love, so we are love. Isn't this what we are all searching for? Knowing that we are loved and lovable?

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