Sunday, April 06, 2014

Why your intention when you tap is so important

The reason why you tap (or do any work) is really important. While it's natural to want to move away from anything that is painful or uncomfortable, it can often be a short term solution, a plaster on a deeper wound.

In my experience if you tap to get rid of something, or want to tap it away, there is a sense of desperation and panic about what it is you want to go. This often has the effect of just making us more frustrated while doing nothing (at least nothing permanent) to resolve the issue. If you tap instead to help you through whatever it is, it has an entirely different effect on the issue. It often feels very empowering and gives you a lot of confidence in what you can handle.

This is especially true when it comes to things you can control, such as your feelings and sensations, rather than anything to do with anyone else. Being able to sit with and feel difficult feelings and sensations is one of the best gifts we can give ourself. It makes a huge difference. It increases our resiliency no end, and when we've come through whatever it is, we're stronger, more empowered and less afraid.

So tap to help you through it, not to push it away or the many other ways we avoid our pain and hurt.

The following phrases can be really good to tap on:

Even if this ... never goes away and that makes me feel, I can accept how I feel about that

I can still love and accept myself even if this ... stays

I can give whatever it is permission to stay ...

You'll find that there will usually be a lot of tail enders (objections) with the phrases above which can provide you with great material to tap on.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for this. It's not something I've considered before.

Noreen Barron said...

You're welcome. I've found that there is a strong tendency to want to tap something away or to want to get rid of it. This is natural, we all want to move away from pain, the problem is, is that it doesn't work very well.

If there are any results from this type of tapping it's usually short term and it usually makes the issue worse by compounding it. Try and tap with the intention of moving through it (at a pace that feels safe and comfortable for you) this will increase your resilience, self confidence and esteem when you resolve the issue. It also helps reduce any fears about what you can handle and helps with any overwhelm.