Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The importance of willingness

The old saying, where there is a will, there is a way, has a lot of truth to it. I believe being willing is absolutely essential on our healing journey. When we're willing, it means we're ready to take responsibility for ourselves and acknowledge what's there, even though it might be difficult and even excruciating sometimes.

If we find we're not willing for whatever reason, we can tap on it. We can tap on ANYTHING, that is the beauty of tapping. Even being willing to admit that we're not willing is a huge step and can set the ball rolling. Try the following script to help you, please customise for you and your unique circumstances.

Even though I'm not willing to change, I completely accept that that is how I feel right now

Even though part of me is willing and another part is not (because ... fill in the blank, GUESS if you don't know) that is perfectly ok, I acknowledge this conflict

Even though I don't feel willing because I'm scared of ... I accept my fear

Top of head: I'm not willing
Eyebrow: And that's ok
Side of eye: I'm just not ready to make any changes
Under the eye: I feel scared
Under the nose: I refuse to budge
Under the mouth: Until I'm ready
Collar bone: And even if I never feel ready
Under the arm: I can accept myself anyway (watch out for any tailenders [objections] here and tap on them if there are any)

Top of the head: I acknowledge my hesitancy
Eyebrow: To ...
Side of eye: It's ok to feel afraid
Under the eye: The familiar is comfortable
Under the nose: I don't like uncertainty
Under the mouth: It makes me feel ...
Collar bone: And that's ok
Under the arm: I'll make changes when I'm ready

Top of the head: And only then
Eyebrow: That makes me feel ...
Side of eye: I honour how I feel about all of this
Under the eye: Even if it's difficult
Under the nose: Even if a part of me wants to change
Under the mouth: And another part is afraid of change and all that it might mean
Collar bone: I honour my fear
Under the arm: I honour the fact that I'm willing to tap on all my feelings about this

Top of the head: That is a huge step forward for me
Eyebrow: I acknowledge all of my feelings
Side of eye: Even the difficult ones
Under the eye: The feelings that are hard to feel
Under the nose: I'm willing to admit that I find it hard to feel certain emotions because ...
Under the mouth: I'm tapping through this
Collar bone: Even though I find it difficult
Under the arm: I honour my willingness to admit I'm not willing in some areas of my life

The willing, Destiny guides them. The unwilling, Destiny drags them ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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