Monday, September 17, 2012

Tapping for frozen feelings

Even though this . . . is frozen, I now allow it to move in, through and out
Even though I couldn’t fully take in . . . I’m tapping for the courage to allow it to move in, through and out
Even though this . . . has not moved in a long time, I am now tapping to allow it to move in, through and out

Make sure to customise the phrases to suit you. EFT short cut diagram and procedure.

TH This frozen energy
EB In my gut (or anywhere else you feel it)
SE It feels hard
UE And dense
UN Because it hasn’t moved in a long time
UC It couldn’t move
CB I didn’t want it in the first place
UA I couldn’t digest it

TH So it got stuck
EB Halfway in, halfway out
SE I just couldn’t take it all in
UE So I froze
UN And that’s okay
UC I did my best
CB I just didn’t know what to do
UA Or feel

TH But now I do
EB Well at least I think I do
SE I can help this frozen energy move
UE With my intention
UN Energy moves naturally
UC When we let it
CB I now choose to let this energy do what it wants to do
UA And go where it wants to go

TH I feel a little afraid
EB Of what could happen
SE What if I feel overwhelmed?
UE Like I have in the past?
UN I can tap for the courage
UC To allow this energy to move
CB And to feel all the sensations
UA As it starts to move

TH And to know that I’ll be okay
EB More than okay
SE I choose to feel peace
UE I choose to feel gratitude
UN For all this
UC For the person I am
CB I choose to feel kindness
UA For me


Anonymous said...

Great post!

I just wish I knew which direction the energy wants to move. I get the best results when I'm as specific as possible.

I really like the "in -> thru -> out" progression; however, I'm struggling to understand the "in" piece, as the frozen energy is already "in(side)" me.

The "thru" part is also a bit tough as I'm not sure what direction the energy wants to move, i.e., a tingling, shaking sensation with an up and down movement or should I try to initiate a thawing whereby the energy moves more in a back-and-forth, shaky, vibrating horizontal motion?

I'm sure the answer is something like "Just let your body decide how it wants to move." Unfortunately, however, my somatic, feeling self (as well as cognitive self) seems like it needs a few pointers, in order to begin to start processing.

Been reading the blog for 2-3 years and most all content you post is not only useful, but highly useful. This post is one of my favorites (all time), since I can relate to what is said in a huge way.

With that said, if additional description/instruction can be articulated, I would be most thankful. :O)

Take care. :)

Noreen Barron, MA said...

You're right, sometimes the energy is already inside us - we just don't know what to do with it, or it's very uncomfortable so it doesn't move or we don't allow it to out of fear. The 'in' part is for anything we avoid letting in, which could be anything something like anger to something like love. It's very akin to building walls for protection and safety, we shut down to anything that has hurt us before.

I think when energy is ready to move, it'll take its own direction. Any sensations you feel is the energy starting to wake up so to speak, follow the energy, rather than the other way round. You can always tap on wanting/needing to control the energy and what it does for your own reassurance and any feelings of frustration etc that it's not happening the way you want it to, ie fast enough etc

Hope this helps :-)