Monday, December 12, 2011

Feelings of betrayal

Each betrayal begins with trust ~ Phish

We can often feel betrayed by different things in life. Try this tapping script if you have ever felt betrayed. EFT short cut diagram and procedure.

Even though I feel betrayed by ... (for example, my mother, my father, my body, myself) I accept myself anyway

Even though it really hurts to be betrayed, I accept my hurt

Even though being betrayed by ... feels ... it's ok to feel that way

Top of the head: It's hard to trust ...
Eyebrow: I feel betrayed
Side of eye: By ...
Under the eye: It's hard to take
Under the nose: It makes me feel ...
Under the chin: I want to protect myself
Collar bone: From this hurt
Under the arm: I want to close myself off

Top of the head: From being hurt
Eyebrow: I'd like to shut down
Side of eye: My feelings
Under the eye: Of betrayal
Under the nose: So I don't feel hurt
Under the chin: Or the pain
Collar bone: Of being betrayed
Under the arm: I'd like

Top of the head: To not feel this hurt
Eyebrow: I accept how I feel
Side of eye: I'm not going to fight how I feel
Under the eye: I feel the way I feel
Under the nose: Even though I don't want to feel this way
Under the chin: I do
Collar bone: And that's ok
Under the arm: Well, it's not really but I feel this way anyway

Continue tapping until you find relief, be specific about how you feel betrayed, you may have many memories to tap on. Stay with it and be persistent.

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defence against betrayal ~ Tennessee Williams


Electronic Medical Records said...

It is very essential to treat the trauma which you carry in your mind ...which is probably defining and restricting your inner self from doing a lot of things and in fact being happy.

Noreen Barron, MA said...

Very true, trauma is at the basis of so many seemingly unrelated issues.

sharmishtha said...

distrusting each other can be even more painful than being betrayed.

this is such a trickly thing. i believe trust is must for living sanely but trusting blindly is insane for most of us.

love and hugs.

Noreen Barron, MA said...

I think the person we need to trust is ourself, sometimes people act in untrustworthy ways and we're tuned into ourself, our intuition, we'll know and respond in a way that's right for us. Hope you're having a great weekend Trisha xxx

sharmishtha said...

i agree. we should always be honest and trusting to ourself.

we are enjoying a pleasant winter for a change this year. :)

love and hugs

Noreen Barron, MA said...

We are too, it's very mild :-)

sharmishtha said...

we on the other hand had some "real winter" this year :)

the mercury dipped quite substantially.