Monday, October 24, 2011

Going around and around

When we feel trapped in a closed loop the consequences can feel awful. We are trying our hardest to find our way out but all we seem able to do is go around in circles repeating the same things over and over again. There seems to be no way out of the vicious cycle and that can feel hopeless.

When people are referred to as an “angry” person or a “fearful” person, what they are probably experiencing is feeling caught in this closed loop. They are acting out their emotions for some relief. I don't believe labels like this are helpful at all because they just do not get to the core of the issue. I believe we need to look beyond the surface behaviour to truly hear and understand what is really happening and actually do something constructive about it.

Peter Levine describes a 9 step method called pendulation for transforming trauma which you can find here. EFT can help you feel the frightening emotions and sensations associated with the immobility response so you do not become overwhelmed and stay frozen in a continuous helpless loop.


chiccoreal said...

Dear Noreen: EFT helps to reboot or end the cycle of the loop effect. I see how this works, and like the on/off or digital processing of 0101010 etc the body needs to do this as there is no reset button on emotions, unless it is external via tapping. This method must have been automatic in early human development because it seems so intrinsic to emotional and physical healing. Thank-you. I would like to know if there are any practitioners in my area; how would I find out? I still have many questions regarding; can one do this by themselves, and how hard should one tap and for how long? How long before subtantial results are noted. (I did feel immediately relief). How do the energy fields play into this method and are other methods combined with EFT.

Noreen Barron, MA said...

Dear Jane, our connective tissue in our skin is a semiconducting crystal, when we tap on the skin we create what's called piezoelectricity, the physical tapping creates positive and negatives poles which generate electricity. Also the area on the meridians has a lower electrical resistance which conducts more electricity. Then we have our intention when we tap, is it to get rid of something or is for something else. I think this is so important because there's always a reason we have dis-ease or we feel a certain way so to have kindness for that is really important. You could look up, and or you could work with a practitioner by skype or phone, they don't have to live physically close to you. Sometimes it's better to tap with someone else, especially to access deeper stuff that we might want to stay away from or to get to the bottom of an issue. Sometimes it's hard to see our own stuff clearly. Tap for as long as you feel comfortable, about 7 times on each point and gently enough, you don't need to tap hard. Many other methods can be combined with EFT, I use EmoTrance with it for example and it works beautifully, it's all about our intention moving energy and if we're resisting the energy often won't budge. We can often see results immediately, and sometimes with complex issues it can longer, it all depends Jane, hope this helps.