Friday, July 15, 2011

Stay on one point

Until you yawn, sigh, burp … whatever your sign is for releasing tension, keep tapping on one point until it happens. As in SLOW EFT start on the karate chop point or the sore spot and pick a word or phrase that describes how you feel, or a word that holds a charge for you about something or someone. Let's say for example that the phrase “it's hopeless” describes how you're feeling about a situation or person, start tapping at the karate chop point and keep saying “it's hopeless” until you release stress in your unique way. Then move on to the top of the head until you hear another sigh or yawn. Be aware that each time you sigh, yawn, burp, hear gurgling in your gut, feel jerks in your legs or arms, your nervous system is releasing tension. It feels good to know that your stress levels are coming down and your body is giving you very real convincing physical signs that stress is being discharged from your system. EFT short cut diagram and procedure.

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