Monday, March 30, 2009

Why infinite love and gratitude heals

The journey of your spirit is to reconnect with the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude.

Infinite means "the universe" or "the collective conscious," which has no beginning or end.

Love is the universal power that propels life, fueling your will and enabling you to face and overcome challenges.

Gratitude empowers you to go through life without judgment. You see the value of any experience (even situations you may have once perceived as "bad") as an opportunity, rather than being a victim of circumstance.

(Taken from Dr Darren Weissman's website


Noreen said...

Every symptom is a gift. Your subconscious mind stores all the emotions and feelings that you have not been able to process or digest throughout your life. Your body starts to produce symptoms when it is time to let go of these undigested emotions (energy in motion). Isn't that a gift to be grateful for? Your body's symptoms are your subconscious mind's way of talking to you.

Circe said...

I recognize this ice crystal image as one of Dr. Masaru Emoto's... about which and whom I've been hoping to find time to blog about! This message is great, especially at times when we might feel thrown about or buffetted by life...

Noreen, thank you, again, for everything!

(I am loving the word verification, seemingly just put there (not so) randomly for me: "bakedeli"! The co-incidence hard to believe, yet exactly what we should be believing...)

Noreen said...

Hi Circe,

The image is one of his, the water develops this beautiful crystal when it is exposed to the words love and gratitude. He said these two words consistently produce the most beautiful crystals. What more proof do we need? We're 75-80% water!! ;-)