Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 thump EFT

Tapping the collar bone (K27), the thymus and the spleen meridian points every morning (and a few times throughout the day) will energise and balance your entire energy system. It will also help boost your immunity and life energy.

(Drawing by Aoife Barron).


Anonymous said...

When tapping, I routinely use my full hand across both collar bone points. Does that also cover the thymus?


Noreen said...

Hi Pat, Yes it would touch on the thymus too, depending on the surface area you cover and how big your hands are! There's another post here that will show you exactly where the thymus is located. Tapping directly on the thymus will possibly be more focused and beneficial. The thymus governs life energy according to Dr John Diamond.

Noreen said...

Sorry wrong link!