Monday, March 21, 2011


Where thou art - that - is Home ~ Emily Dickinson

Every time you feel something painful, you lessen your pain. You're connecting to a part of you that hurts and that connection is very healing. On so many levels you are helping yourself when you feel, you're helping your nervous system to discharge stress, you're helping parts of you feel heard, respected and understood and you're taking your experience and feelings seriously. You are listening and you are present. It takes a lot of courage to turn towards your pain.

If you tend to minimise or deny your pain, and not feel it, it will show up in your body. The presence of chronic pain in your body is a sign that your body is holding your unfelt pain. Its presence makes your pain real so you can take your pain and your feelings seriously. Its presence allows you to know that you're not just imagining it, it's not all in your head, you're not being dramatic, or too sensitive or too whatever else.

Whatever ways you've learned to bury your hurt, your body will help you to listen instead so you can release it. Feeling and entering in to your pain, is like returning to your self, releasing a feeling of being homesick for something that you have being missing for a long time or even your whole life. The more you release your pain, the more comfortable you feel and the more you come home to your self, and that feels good.

Even though it's painful to feel my pain, I'm tapping for the courage to help me feel

Even though I want to turn away, I'm tapping for the courage to turn towards my pain

Even though I want to disconnect and run away, I'm tapping for the courage to fully connect to my pain

Repeat whatever reminder phrase feels right. Short cut EFT diagram and procedure


Ed Howes said...

Dynomite Post Noreen,

Yesterday a new friend was telling me she was tramping down her emotions to keep from crying about a family trauma. I suggested EFT and meditation. Now I'll provide her a link to this and the message will be complete. Thank you for your help in this very personal matter. Have I told you lately that I love you? I love you. 8)

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Ed, love you too :-)

trisha said...

pain sure gets reduced by feeling it fully.